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The Vampire Facial: How Your Own Blood Can Make You Look and Feel Younger

The Vampire Facial goes by many names: Vampire Kiss, HemoLift, Vampire Facelift, and, somewhat unappealingly, Dracula Therapy. The procedure involves using platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own blood to combat the signs of aging, and it works wonders.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

During a Vampire Facial, a small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn into a vial, much like a blood draw for medical tests. The vial is placed into a centrifuge in the same room and spun until it separates into its three active parts: red blood cells, serum, and platelets. Platelets are the part of blood that make it clot and allow scabs to form and wounds to heal. Their regenerating properties have been explored in a number of medical fields, including burn treatments and emergency surgery. The section of the blood that holds these platelets is known as plasma (liquid gold).

How Do Blood Face Injections Work?

Once the platelet-rich plasma is separated from the other parts of the blood, it is injected into “problem areas” on the face. This could be a spot where the skin is dull or not as vibrant as it once was, an area with wrinkles and folds, or any other area showing visible signs of aging. Platelets contain growth factors that stimulate collagen production. This provides a natural anti-aging effect that last up to a year. And, because it’s the patient’s own blood, there is minimal risk of reaction or infection.

The Science Behind the Vampire Facial

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has been used in numerous procedures from wound therapy to orthopedic surgery, and more recently facial plastic surgery. The component of the blood that contains platelets is also rich in protein and platelets contain growth factors that stimulate cell renewal and collagen and elastin production. The breakdown of elastin and collagen causes skin in the face and neck to crease and fold over time, creating wrinkles. The skin loses its ability to produce enough of these two compounds to repair the creases on its own over time, as well as to regenerate new, healthy skin cells for a bright, glowing complexion. By injecting the plasma directly into the areas that need it the most, Dr. Eric Berger can boost production of these key elements in the places that are falling behind, resulting in a more even, youthful appearance.

What to Expect

As with many other filler procedures, the areas treated with platelet-rich plasma appear swollen immediately after the procedure. This is because the injected sites are slightly overfilled to ensure the most benefit from the platelets. After about forty-eight hours, the excess plasma is absorbed into the body and the swelling goes away as the platelets do their work. The results aren’t immediate, though. It takes about two weeks for a noticeable improvement in skin brightness, texture, and tone. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can have the treatment repeated eight weeks after the first one, if needed.

Are you ready for a facial injection treatment that uses your own cells to fight the signs of aging? Call Revitta Cosmetic Clinic to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Berger today!

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