Laser Treatment of Vascular Skin Lesionsdfdfdf

Laser Treatment of Vascular Skin Lesions vascular laser treatment Benign vascular lesions are overgrown enlarged blood vessels or multiple small vessels and appear as a result of aging, pregnancy, childbirth, birth control pills, estrogen replacement therapy and sun damage. vascular laser treatment Vascular lesions that arise after birth are birth marks. While vascular lesions are […]

Pigmented Lesions Treatmentdfdfdf

Pigmented lesions are brown spots that can occur on the face, neck, shoulders, hands and any part of the body. Laser treatment can restore your skin without pain or downtime. We use today’s most advanced technology, including the Sciton Joule platform with BroadBand Light, Erbium Micro Laser Peel and the most sophisicated fractional technology – […]


Sciton Joule BBL (BroadBand Light) technology utilizes the power of pulsed light to deliver excellent phototherapy results. By selecting the appropriate wavelength or filter, we are able to treat a broad range of skin conditions caused by skin aging and sun exposure. BBL is an innovative technology that sets new standards for skin conditions associated […]

Wrinkles Reductiondfdfdf