You’ve seen it called “The PRP FaceLift” on the television show “The Doctors.” It’s been featured on CBS News as “Twilight For Your Face”. What is “PRP Facial Treatment”?

This procedure may also be referred to as PRP FaceLift, PRP Facial and Plasma Lift as collective technologies involve removing the small amount of patient’s blood, spinning it down to separate into its active parts: red blood cells, serum and platelets. Then portion of blood rich in platelets is injected into problematic areas on the face where the skin looks dull, wrinkly or old. Growth factors contained in platelets provide collagen growth stimulation and subsequent natural rejuvenating effect lasting up to 1 year.PRP Facial NYC | Vampire Facial New York | Vampire FaceLift New York

Well, first of all, “PRP Facial” or, may be, “Plasma Lift” – names that I think are a little more cosmetically elegant than  “Dracula Therapy” as it is known abroad. The “PRP Facial” or “Plasma Lift” is the new use of a time-tested medical procedure for aesthetic purposes. This  is an FDA-approved procedure where natural rejuvenating factors for your face (and other areas) are created for you directly from your own blood. Just so that we get this straight, you come into office, roll up your sleeve, give 2 small tubes of blood (just like you do when you go to the doctor for other blood tests), which is spun down in the centrifuge while you wait in the same room. Numbing cream is put on your face like we do for other injectable procedures. 20 minutes later after your face was injected you walk out of the office …!

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is the science behind “PRP Facial” or “HemoLift” blood face injections? How does it work?

The “HemoLift” or “PRP Facial” as it is known abroad is a way to refer to a procedure more properly known as “platelet rich plasma” [PRP] that has been used in general surgery, facial plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery for decades to shorten wound healing time. Your own blood is placed in a centrifuge tube and spun down to its basic components. We are mainly interested in the platelets and protein rich plasma. Now, we could just inject this fraction back into the face; there are growth factors and other good components in the plasma that could help to generate more collagen to achieve skin rejuvenation. It doesn’t hurt, and it works really well for overall rejuvenation, but it is not very helpful for filling areas that have lost volume. What we really want are the platelet cells, but they were virtually impossible to extract from the white blood cell layer without harming them until a new way was found to separate the platelet cells from the other white blood cells without harming the platelets ability to function. One small step for platelet kind, one giant step in developing treatment for your face that is completely natural and customized, because it comes from your own blood, an endless untapped fountain of youth!!

What makes the platelets so special?

These are the most important cells in the wound healing process that lead to the formation of collagen. Platelet activation releases a multitude of growth factors. These growth factors stimulate fresh collagen formation — thicker, plumper, wrinkle-free skin!!!

What happens after treatment?

During initial procedure performed, the areas to be treated are over-filled to about 125%, that’s why you expect your face to look a little bit swollen, and then the remaining plasma is absorbed by the body over the next 48 hours. After the plasma is taken by your skin, it may appear as if nothing has been done, but, two weeks later, the collagen arrives! The usual treatment protocol is to treat once, wait 8 weeks, and then treat again if needed. The results of the PRP treatment last about a year!!

At Revitta in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY, “Vampire Kiss” treatment takes only 20-30 minutes. Fast, simple and minimally invasive. Keeps your face rejuvenated for up to 1 year. “Vampire Kiss” results are visible immediately and skin condition continues to improve within next 6 weeks.

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